Jun 042018

Was asked by a friend to repair his Sunset Riders.

When starting up the PCB, it was stuck in something resembling a watchdog fault.

But I’ve been working on Sunset Riders before and this didn’t seem like an ordinary watchdog. I felt that it went a little bit longer in the startup sequence before crashing.

The board was a bit dirty but I started with the usual:

  • Checking CPU signals like clock, reset and halt
  • Verifying the program ROMs
  • Checking the program RAM for odd signals

All looked ok, but then I found this at the 051550 reset signal generator.

Pin 1 on the 051550 looked like a cold solder joint.

Pin 1 is the clock signal input pin on this IC and without that input, I can understand that the game doesn’t boot up properly. Gave that pin a dab of solder

And booted up the game

Board fixed without any other issues 🙂

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