Dec 152015

I got this Street Fighter II – The World Warrior PCB from my friend Joachim for a repair :


Gameplay was fine (strange thing since CPS1 hardware is higly unreliable) but sound samples were missing or played randomly :

Samples are played by an OKI MSM6295 chip located on A-BOARD which take data from a ROM on the B-BOARD, looking at it I noticed some sign of reworking with a jumper wire too:


Continuity of traces was good so I opted for replacing the chip :


This restored the sound samples, end of job.

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  2 Responses to “Street Fighter II – The World Warrior repair log”

  1. Nice fix, what did you use to remove the surface mount micro? Also, where did you find a replacement? Is it a standard micro or a custom?

    • Thanks.I used a chinese hot air rework station.The MSM6295 is not a CPU but sound synthesis chip which read data from an external ROM and, through an embedded DAC, outputs the sound samples.It’s one of the most used sound chip on arcade PCBs, I have dozen of spare taken from various boards.You can find datasheet here in dedicted section.

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