Dec 062018

The ‘UEC-01’ and ‘UEC-02’ are two custom ICs you can find on most Seibu/TAD Corporation PCBs also marked as ‘HB-1’ and ‘HB-2’.They are ceramic modules in SIL/SIP package.Here’s how they looks like:

The first handles I/O, the latter drives coin counters/lockouts.Reproducing them was straightforward¬†given the simplicity of their internal circuit so for sake of completeness I took into account also the ‘UEC-02’ although nowadays few people use coin counters:

Testing on a Blood Bros PCB :


The ‘JK-03’ can be found, instead, on Jaleco MegaSystem1 hardware, it accomplishes the same function of the ‘UEC-01/HB-1’ handling the inputs.It comes in form of a SIL/SIP ceramic module as well (with different pin counting and pitch though)

Having no part to analyze I used some available schematics in order to reproduce it:

Due to the lack of a working PCB I could not test it hence volunteers are welcome!

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  1. Hello, I would be happy to test it for you, been wanting to make one myself but haven’t had time. Thanks Dennis

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