May 202019

Another reproduction of a custom IC successfully carried out.The part in question is the Sega ‘315-5025’, a 300mil DIP18 chip found on System 1/2 boards, Space Harrier and other Sega hardware from 80s :

It’s basically a shift register used for graphics functions being directly connected to data bus of the ROMs as per Choplifter schematics (it’s shown as a 20 pin IC because it’s compatible with the bigger ‘315-5155’ found on System 16A and Out Run boards)


Since nobody made it before I reproduced this custom my way by studying how it was reverse-engineered in bootlegs:

Testing on a Pitfall II PCB:

I hope this will help people to repair their faulty PCBs being understood that this project, like all my other, will not be made public although nowadays it’s a common thought that everything should be shared and free.Nothing in life is free and if you don’t work for it you certainly shouldn’t expect it, nor do you deserve it for free.

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  1. stellar work again sir. you’re a real inspiration, and you’re 100% right. it’s your work, time and effort and it deserve some compensation

  2. Excellent work as always!

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