Aug 232015

Today we can record some PAL dumps.

Layer sent in a handcrafted ‘WL22B’ @1A PAL to use with the japanese 88622B-3 B-board of Willow (Capcom CPS1 hardware).
This PAL is not yet dumped and not in Mame.

Charles MacDonald uploaded on MAME D.U. mailing list the PAL dumps from an Aqua stage PCB, only the one labeled ‘315-5801’ was fully combinatorial, all the remaining were partially registered.

Lastly, always from MAME D.U. mailing list, we had a dump from an Atari Quantum PCB.Original one was from a 82S153 device @1B stamped ‘CF2038N’ (reported by Atari as ‘137290-001’) but I recompiled its equations into a GAL16V8.

All these dumps have been succesfully tested except for the Aqua Stage one.Thanks to respective people for their contributions.


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