Dec 072017

Received from USA this Pac-Mania ROM board (Namco System 1 hardware) for repair :

According to the owner board played fine but mute, this was confirmed once powered it up.Using my audio probe I could hear sound on the input (pin 2) of the two LA4460 amplifiers but nothing on outputs:

At closer inspection one of them was literally blown up:

So I proceeded to remove both:

and installed two new spares and some thermal compound on heatsink:

Sound restored and board 100% fixed.End of job.



After converting this board to Splatterhouse I found that voices and other sound FXs were missing:

I quickly pinpointed the fault in a bad TL084 OP-AMP, replacing it cured the issue:

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  4 Responses to “Pac-Mania ROM board repair log”

  1. nice conversion.

    never thought about it. Is it a lot of work?

  2. Not much works like every conversion, just matter of swap all ROMs.

  3. nice:)

    I will keep it in mind!

    It seems that Splatterhouse uses much mor ROMs like Pacmania.

  4. You can look at MAME source to figure out how many EPROMs you need for a conversion.

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