Jan 042017

Got this Namco System 1 CPU board from my friend (and member here) Corrado:

He told me the board developed a color issue, the GREEN was missing at all.He troubleshooted it and was sure that it was due a faulty custom ‘C116’ which generates the RGB video output:

but he had no spare of it so decided to send me the board.Once received I could see myself the issue trying the board with a Galaga88 ROM board:

Besides the missing GREEN color, the board behaved strangely.You could not coin-up with both players but only with the SERVICE button but, once started a game, a “TEST PROGRAM INITIALIZE ERROR” message was displayed.I probed the outputs of this custom ‘C116’ and all the ones related to the GREEN color were stuck low:

I removed the faulty one:

The spare was taken from a Point Blank donor board (this custom is present also on Namco System 2 hardware)

I carefully soldered the IC on the faulty PCB:

Powered up the boardset and :

No more issues!Board 100% fixed.

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