Sep 262018

The Konami ‘503’ is a custom chip we can find on some PCBs from this manufacturer.It comes in a DIP40 package with its part number scratched off in typical Konami style :

You can refer to this spreadsheet (courtesy of user ‘mattosborn’ on KLOV forums) for a list of boards (all with Konami Classic pinout) that carry this custom :

Technically speaking, the IC takes care of part of the sprites handling (along with the other custom ‘502’)  as schematics shows :

We already have a modern replacement of the Konami ‘503’ thanks to the wonderful work of people over FPGAArcade forum, this is the thread of reference :

What I made is a “poor man’s” reproduction of this custom chip with no use of CPLD or other complex programmable logics but I simply re-engineered with surface mounted devices the replacement daughterboard (silkscreened ‘KC001’) that Konami used in place of the IC :

Here’s the result:

It works fine on my Track & Field and Kicker PCBs and should do the same in all other boards that use this custom IC.

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