Jan 162018

Raise your hand those of you, arcade enthusiasts/colectors, who have never dealt with the Konami ‘054986A’ and ‘054544’ audio modules?I think none…

This little project needs no introduction and technical explanation, we have treated this topic many times during our repairs.I simply reproduced (be careful, not reverse-engineered!So my repro still need ICs of original, especially the ‘054321’ ASIC) my way both modules with same results of original parts.I hope this will be useful for preservation purposes of our PCBs.



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  1. Wow, fantastic effort, many many compliments 😀

  2. Thanks, but keep in mind mine are simple reproductions so they need same parts of original module!I have not done reverse-engineerng of the ‘054321’ ASIC which is what prevent us to do a new own design of modules! 🙂

  3. not bad, but you should have changed the cap footprints for tantalum smd. 🙂

    • Since it’s a 1:1 reproduction I intentionally used the same parts of original modules.If you want, you can always use tantalum capacitors (like I usually do on original modules although they are more expensive then electrolytic ones), the dimensions of footprints allow this 🙂 Can you show us some reproduction (or other arcade related) works from you?

      • i mailed you a module schematic a while back 😉

        • OK I remember of you now, they were schematics of the Taito TC0070RGB, they were already available (drawn from Macro).Anywyay, a reproduction is not only a schematics, you have to route them to a PCB layout (with all the other invoved things : choosing /creating footprint, etc..)Why don’t you go futher and give a try with you schematics?

          • i could, most of my reversing is for mame, so not so needed.

          • If I wanted to, I would climb Everest 🙂
            Anyway, sometimes you must also have humility in saying that you are not able to do one a thing 🙂
            Goodnight and sweet dreams 🙂

  4. Congratulations Caius !
    I was waiting for this since a long time.
    This will be useful for many people.
    Thanks for your efforts.

  5. Nice work !

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