May 122018

The Konami ‘054573’ is a custom chip found on various PCBs from this manufacturer : Bucky O’ Hare, Metamorphic Force, Gaiapolis, Xexex, Mystic Warriors, Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa to name some.Technically speaking it’s a RGB DAC (one for each color) which converts into analog the palette data bits received from the the custom ASIC ‘054338’. There are no schematics showing it but it should be a 9-bit DAC .

It comes in the usual SIL package (15 pin) covered by black coating like many custom with similar functions :

I have partially covered this topic in a past repair from mine, where you can see also picture of its circuitry inside :

Gaiapolis & Metamorphic Force repair log (a.k.a Konami ‘054573″ color DAC reworking)

Being a important and not long reliable part I decided it was time to think of a replacement.No particular difficulties were encountered in identifying the internal parts, tracing connections and developing a PCB  which arrived from my manufacturer after some time.Here’s the reproduction finally assembled and installed :

Testing on a Moo Mesa PCB was successful:

See you to my next reproduction project!

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