Dec 082015

I bought this faulty original Jungle King PCB from a JAMMA+ forums user last year but I never had time to look at :

Jungle King_PCB

The game itself is a classic, I remember I was used to play it during my childhood in arcade rooms and on home computer.So, I decided to fix it once and for all.Time to build the needed JAMMA adapter (board use a separate connector for power) and I got this scenario on first boot:


All the sprites were intact but background graphics were all messed up.The RAM test reported no problem :


But, since all the RAMs on CPU and VIDEO board were already socketed, I want to test the chips out of circuit anyway and I found a bad 2016 @IC56 on CPU board:


With a good RAM fitted, the graphics were perfect now but the background music was absent, I could hear only the sound FXs.After some research I found that the CPU board was missing a ROM @IC52:


This ROM is, indeed, responsible of the music and only few games on same Taito SJ hardware have it so probably my board was a conversion from another game which didn’t use it (Elevator Action seem to be the common donor board).Anyway, antoher great classic preserved!


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  1. Nothing worse than failing RAM. The problem with RAM is that unlike TTL, it will try to go on and just spit garbage out. I have yet to see a self test or RAM tester that can 100% detect bad RAM. Usually the only way to be sure is to check output on a oscilloscope or simply swap it out.

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