Jul 262019

Here’s a repro of the KNA 6032601 found on boards like Kung Fu Master and Tropical Angel.

While it’s not known to fail as often as the KNA 6034201 (which Caius has already made a repro of ) it has been know to start failing lately.


It’s a 40 pin custom IC on the TOP board of the kung Fu Master stack, sitting at E1 & E2 between two rams and the colour proms

This most likely deals one deals with the final image processing, like layer priorities, just before outputting data into the colour proms

I used a bootleg to see how this one was reverse engineered by bootlegers at the time and identified and area between the rams and the colour proms.

Tracing multimeter confirmed those 9 LSxx ICs were indeed connected to the same ICS as the custom. So I fired up easyEDA and got busy .

A few days later, voila! a working IC and a working board. Not a complicated thing to do, it just takes time to trace back everything .

Huge thanks to Caius for his recent inspiring work on making repros for a lot of these custom ICs and has prompted me to look into the topic and start making my own too. The more the better !

And as usual, for those who prefer the video format :

  5 Responses to “IREM – KNA6032601 Kung Fu Master Repro IC”

  1. I reproduced the Irem ‘KNA6032601’ me too a while ago but didn’t find time to do the post 🙂

  2. I forgot.I reproduced also the ‘KNA6032701’.I will do a post in a couple of weeks.

    • oh very cool. I’m working on that one too but it’ll be a few weeks before mine is finished. I’d say yours will be out before that .
      That 6032601 was a handy one to do too well done.

  3. I’m really hoping that one of you two arcade hardware experts will work on reproducing the Seibu SEI0010BU custom chip, which was used to encode graphic data in The Lost Castle In Darkmist, Mustache Boy, Cabal, Toki, Dead Angle, Dynamite Duke, Raiden (all but the last hardware revision) and a few other Seibu games. This would likely also be useful preparatory work for disassembling, dumping and possibly reproducing the custom tile and sprite ROM modules used by Air Raid/Cross Shooter, each of which is believed to also include a bipolar PROM and SEI0010BU along with various gates and latches.

    • I reproduced the Seibu ‘SEI0020BU’ and ‘SEI0060BU’ :

      But not yet the ‘SEI0010BU’.I know it’s embedded in the Raid/Cross Shooter ROM SIP modules which are undumped.I’ll try to analyze the part in order to reproduce its functions.

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