Jan 182019

Received from Germany this Gundhara PCB, a top-down shooting game released in 1995 by Banpresto:

According to the owner the PCB suddenly developed a graphical issue.When I powered it up I could actually see some colors problem, the BLUE one was ‘bleeding’ in some parts of graphics:

After a quick check on PCB I could figure out the palette circuit made of two 6264 (8K x 8-bit) SRAMs, a custom (S-DIP 42 pin) marked ‘X1-007’ (which probably contains some latches or flip-flops) and three SIL resistor arrays configured as R-2R ladder to perform the final conversion from digital to analog (DAC)

Color palette circuit

When I probed the two 6264 SRAMs I found weak signals on some data lines of the one @U39, here is a capture from scope comparing the signal with an heathy one :

Good signal on left, bad on right

Sure enough I desoldered the chip, it indeed failed the out-of-circuit testing :

Installing a good chip fixed the issue, board 100% working again.Job done.

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