Aug 182017

New PAL dumps today.We have the ones from :

  • Poosho Poosho.Game was unemulated until I spotted a PCB and bought it thanks to Dumping Union donations.Game will be included in next MAME release.Device was a secured PALCE22V10 which I reversed into a GAL22V10.


  • Multi Game III.This is  an hacked clone of the Nintendo Play-Choice system but hardware is based on the Famicom/Nes home console, you can select 21 games.Devices were three in total, I reversed them in GAL devices ( GAL20V8 and GAL22V10 replacements available for the original PAL20L8)


  • Cross Blades (Japanese release of Blade Master!).The game runs on Irem M92 hardware, device was a secured PAL16L8 (labeled ‘M92-D-3J-‘ @IC26 on ROM board) which I reversed and successfully tested in a GAL16V8
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