Dec 192015

Another board from my friend Marco and another quick fix.Got from him this original Kaneko Blood Warrior PCB:


On power up the board showed the “RAM CHECK OK” message but instead of going into game it was resetting in a endless loop:


Boardset is made of a CPU board and ROM board.Having a Great 1000 Mile Rally which runs on same hardware I could verify that the CPU board was good so the fault was located on the ROM board:


So, I wen to dump the program ROMs and compare them against MAME files.When I tried to read the one @U124 (a 27C010), my programmer reported a bad contact on PIN32 (VCC) and gave me an empty dump:


Device was internally damaged so I reprogrammed another one.Once fitted it, the board successfully booted into game without any further issues and I could declare also this board 100% fixed.


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