Jun 242021

See part 1 first.  https://www.jammarcade.net/amiga-a1200-video-repair-part-1/


Sockets arrived yesterday and chips arrived a day later, great timing because I’d already had the socket installed by the time the chips arrived.

I’ve decided to remove the backing on one of the sockets, I really didn’t like the idea of trying to get my soldering iron tip in between the backing and pins so I removed it. My plan was to attach some double sided tape or hot glue to the backing/shim then apply it to the MB later, I didn’t want the chip to sit so low in it’s socket in case it needs to come out later.



After lining up the pins, I had an obvious problem here. The base of the SMD capacitor at C407 in the video decoupling circuit wont allow the socket to sit flush so I decided to remove it, solder the socket in place then add the capacitor later.



Out with the old and in with the new. Socket soldered into place and connections inspected with a Microscope, then the 10uf capacitor replaced with a brand new one.



The following day later in the afternoon I received a package containing these. Who sends electro static sensitive devices in a plastic satchel ? More over the devices were clearly de-soldered/pulls yet advertised as new. Will avoid this seller in future.


I chose the cleanest of them all ( top right ). I then installed the plastic shim with some double sided tape to the bottom of the socket and installed the chip and tested with success.


I now have my blue working again.



  2 Responses to “Amiga A1200 video repair – part 2”

  1. Hello my name is Lonnie I have a op wolf that the gun won’t register I live in the US is there any way I can send you my board and gun for repair? Thank you

  2. I haven’t worked on Op Wolf but Porchy definitely has, however he may or may not be doing anymore arcade repairs.

    Failing that, you might have better luck posting in the Technical section at forums.arcade-musuem.com

    Good luck.

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