Dec 242014

Bought this mint original Kaneko Air Buster PCB from my friend Corrado:

Air Buster

PCB was working fine but sound samples (drums, bass line, etc..) were played sometimes randomly other times in a bad way:

In this PCB (and a lot of other  similar audio hardware) samples are played by the OKI MSM6296 chip which take DATA directly from the ROM that I dumped as good.Connecting an external AMP to pin 36 of the OKI6295 (this pin is the digital-to-analog converted signal fed into the UPC324 OP-AMP, you can download its datasheet here in the downloads section ) I had the same issue so this convinced me to replace the chip (with a rebadged one but it’s the same):


This restored fully music/FXs.Job done.

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